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Official Guide to the Government Court: N.Z. Centennial Exhibition

State Advances Corporation

State Advances Corporation

The State Advances Corporation of New Zealand has its office in the northwest corner of the Government Court.

While intended, primarily, as an information bureau, exhibits explanatory of the development, policy and administration of the Corporation have been provided, and these will prove both interesting and instructive to callers. Two rooms are available to visitors; the large general office contains the models, graphs and other exhibits, and a smaller room is used as a private office where members of the Corporation's staff may be consulted by visitors.

Among the exhibits are charts and graphs showing the growth of the Corporation and of its predecessors, the Mortgage Corporation of New Zealand and the Advances to Settlers Department. Directly opposite the entrance there is also a large mural which is explanatory of the expansion of the Corporation's business. Further graphs and diagrams provide, in a concise form, a comparison of the aggregate advances, the total repayments and the existing loans administered by the Corporation.

Other items of considerable interest are the models, photos, and plans of houses, the originals of which have been erected under the Corporation's Plan Service Scheme. Each model is true to a scale of iin. to one foot, and shows the house, in miniature form, standing in its own grounds. The photos are of dwellings actually completed in various parts of New Zealand with the assistance of Corporation loans and under the supervision of its Property Staff.

In addition to the dwellings there is a section devoted to rural buildings in which models of a farmhouse and cowshed are displayed. These are typical of the types that the Corporation recommends for use on small farms.

On one wall of the main office there are illustrations of good practice in construction as recommended for use in the erection of an ordinary New Zealand resi  dence. Typical defects in construction and the best methods of overcoming these defects are illustrated. It has always been the practice of the Corporation to encourage sound methods of construction and good planning.

Having regard to the close association of the Corporation with the owners of house property and similar assets, it has been considered appropriate that special reference should be made to the ravages of the timber pests common in New Zealand. Although the display which is provided is limited to those insects causing the greatest amount of damage to our wooden buildings, sufficient is shown to indicate the necessity for precautionary measures. Insects in various stages of development, typical examples of the damage they cause, and the necessary precautionary measures are illustrated. It should be the task of every property owner to assist in the extermination of these timber pests, and the Corporation is prepared to assist its mortgagors in this direction.

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An informative Brochure dealing with the history, organisation and business activities of the Corporation has been prepared for issue to interested visitors. A pamphlet relating to the Corporation's Special Building Loans is also available.

The Corporation's staff at the Exhibition are available at all times and are pleased to give visitors any information regarding the activities of the Corporation. Inquiries are welcomed.