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Official Guide to the Government Court: N.Z. Centennial Exhibition

Public Works Department

Public Works Department

In the Transport Section of the Government Court some of the Public Works Department's activities are displayed in the form of models.

Several of the largest modern bridges were chosen as subjects to convey to the public the different types of construction now in practice in New Zealand.

The scale of the models is one forty-eighth full size, or one inch to four feet, and they are all constructed to the same scale to enable comparison to be made.

The largest model is that of Mohaka Viaduct on the Napier-Gisborne railway. It is 20 feet in length and eight feet in height, and is constructed mainly of metal' sections riveted and bolted together.

The Karangarua River bridge on the West Coast (South Island) Road near Weheka—a suspension bridge of 420ft. span, with concrete deck and steel-plate girders—is shown in a model 15 feet in length, made with metal towers and girders, wire ropes and steel anchor bolts.

A concrete arch bridge of 180ft. span over the Waiau River on the Napier-Gisborne Railway is shown by a model constructed from laminated wood.

Modern road bridges are represented by models of Manawatu River bridge in Manawatu Gorge; Hutt River bridge at Silverstream, and Clutha River bridge at Balclutha. These models range from 12ft. to 16ft. in length, and laminated wood has been used chiefly in their construction.

An overbridge, typical of those being erected to eliminate level crossings, is represented also.  A section of concrete wall at present being constructed on the seafront of the new Plimmerton-Paekakariki Road is also shown in model form.

All these models have been constructed to show the main features of the-  structures clearly, but on account of the small scale, it has not been possible to include many of the details. However, the more interesting features both of construction and design are demonstrated, and, also, in order to give an idea of scale parts of the structures, are displayed in actual size.