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Official Guide to the Government Court: N.Z. Centennial Exhibition

Navy Department

Navy Department

Interesting aspects of the Naval Service are shown in the exhibit of the New Zealand Naval Forces.

To-day wireless plays a vitally-important part in the defence of the British Empire, including our own country; the power and utility of modern wireless is fittingly displayed in a wireless-controlled ship which may be operated by the visitor.

The first "Leander" to be built was a sailing ship, and a section of that ship is shown. The present "Leander" is a modern cruiser of 7140 tons and now flagship of the New Zealand Naval Forces.

The principles of the action of torpedoes are shown in an 18in. torpedo, ex H.M.S. New Zealand, which has been sectioned.

Two special items are the Maori piu piu and tiki presented by a Maori chief to Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey in 1913 and worn by him when in command of H.M.S. New Zealand in action during the Great War. A full account of this interesting item will be found in the exhibit.

Great interest also attaches to the uniform of the late Admiral Sir Joseph Nias, K.C.B., who was the captain of H.M.S. Herald during the voyage on which Governor Hobson was taken to the Bay of Islands to negotiate the Treaty of Waitangi with the Maoris. This uniform has been kindly lent by the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England.

Large models of H.M.S. New Zealand, H.M.S. Cumberland (a 10,000-ton cruiser), H.M.S. Otway (a submarine), and H.M.S. Grasshopper (a destroyer built in 1909), will also appear in the exhibit.

The warships of which paintings are shown on the walls have all visited New Zealand.