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Official Guide to the Government Court: N.Z. Centennial Exhibition

National Broadcasting Service

National Broadcasting Service

The principal feature of the National Broadcasting Service exhibit is the group of studios used for broadcasting programmes from the Exhibition. These studios are acoustically treated on the most modern lines and, of course, are of sound-proof construction, using double walls and ceilings to exclude noise and to prevent the transmission of sounds from one studio to another. Specially designed doors with "floating" panels and close-fitting padded jambs prevent noise from entering by this path.

Large sound-proof observation windows give the public clear views of action in the studios, and of the supervision and control of the broadcast by the technician in the control-room.

The equipment provided in the control-room is of the most modern type, and includes all the necessary facilities for signalling, "mixing", and controlling programmes. Altogether, these studios constitute a small, but complete, broadcasting centre.

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Other features of the exhibit are the displays of technical equipment used in broadcasting engineering. Of these, perhaps the most interesting is the recording apparatus. At specified times, demonstrations of the recording of programme matter are given with this equipment, and thus visitors may see in actual operation a machine which plays a very important part in present-day broadcasting.

Cathode-ray oscillograph tubes giving a variety of instructive displays, form another interesting feature of the display section of the stand, as do exhibits of a number of types of transmitting tubes, small and large.

Other demonstrations of technical equipment, which cover the whole range of activities in broadcasting engineering, are given from time to time.