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The New Zealand Constitution Act [1852]: together with correspondence between the Secretary of State for the colonies and the Governor-in-Chief of New Zealand in explanation thereof

Sec. I.—General Assembly

Sec. I.—General Assembly.

Mumber [sic] of Members to be elected.

1. The House of Representatives for the Islands of New Zealand shall consist of Thirty-seven Members

Number of Electoral Districts.

2. The said Islands, for the purposes of the Election of the Members of the House of Representatives shall be divided into Twenty-four Electoral Districts, to be named as follows:—
1.The City of Auckland.
2.The Suburbs of Auckland.
3.The Pensioner Settlements.
4.The Northern Division.
5.The Southern Division.
6.The Bay of Islands.
7.The Town of New Plymouth.
8.The Grey and Bell Districts.
9.The Omata District.
10.The City of Wellington.
11.The Wellington Country District.
12.The Hutt District.
13.The Wairarapa and Hawke's Bay Districts.
14.The Wanganui and Rangitikei Districts.
15.The Town of Nelson.
16.The Waimea District.
17.The Motueka and Massacre Bay Districts.
18.The Wairau District.
19.The Town of Christchurch.
20.The Christchurch Country District.page 97
21.The Town of Lyttelton.
22.The Akaroa District.
23.The Town of Dunedin.
24.The Dunedin Country District.

The Boundaries of the said Districts being particularly set forth and described in the Schedule, and delineated on the Maps or Plans hereunto annexed.

3. The number of Members to be elected to serve in the

Number of Members of the House of Representatives for each District.

House of Representatives for the said several Districts shall be as follows, viz.:—
1.For the City of Auckland Three Members.
2.For the Suburbs of Auckland Two Members.
3.For the Pensioner Settlements Two Members.
4.For the Northern Division Two Members.
5.For the Southern Division Two Members.
6.For the Bay of Islands One Member.
7.For the Town of New Plymouth One Member.
8.For the Grey and Bell Districts One Member.
9.For the Omata District One Member.
10.For the City of Wellington Three Members.
11.For the Wellington Country District One Member.
12.For the Hutt District Two Members.
13.For the Wairarapa and Hawke's Bay Districts One Member.
14.For the Wanganui and Rangitikei Districts One Member.
15.For the Town of Nelson Two Members.
16.For the Waimea District Two Members.
17.For the Motueka and Massacre Bay Districts One Member.
18.For the Wairau District One Member.
19.For the Town of Christchurch One Member.
20.For the Christchurch Country District Two Members.
21.For the Town of Lyttelton One Member.
22.For the Akaroa'District One Member.
23.For the Town of Dunedin One Member.
24.For the Dunedin Country District Two Members.