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The New Zealand Constitution Act [1852]: together with correspondence between the Secretary of State for the colonies and the Governor-in-Chief of New Zealand in explanation thereof

Civil List

Civil List.

70. The civil list at present appropriated for the services of New Zealand is twelve thousand pounds (£12,000); six thousand (£6,000) from the northern page 60 province, and six thousand from what would be the four southern provinces; and as the revenues of each of these two great divisions of New Zealand are at present nearly equal, or about thirty thousand pounds (£30,000) each, such a division is, I think, at present fair, and the total amount is amply sufficient to defray the salaries of the officers composing the General Government, and of the judges of the Supreme Court, to which purposes alone I think it should be devoted. Indeed I think at present that the sum of ten thousand pounds (£10,000) as stated in the margin,* might suffice for these purposes: and if, in a few years, it should be found insufficient for them, then from the great liberality which has always been evinced by the General Legislature of these islands in providing funds for carrying on the Government, I feel quite satisfied that they would readily make good any deficiency. It will be observed that in proposing to throw this charge upon the civil list, it is assumed that the Parliamentary grant will be altogether relieved from the charges it at present defrays on account of the Governor-in-Chief and the General Government establishment.


Governor-in-Chief and Establishment of General Government £7,000
Judges 3,000