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The New Zealand Constitution Act [1852]: together with correspondence between the Secretary of State for the colonies and the Governor-in-Chief of New Zealand in explanation thereof

Sec. X.—Commencement of Regulations

Sec. X.—Commencement of Regulations.


Regulations to come into force, except as regards lands reserved to the Canterbury and Otago Associations, fifteen days after the receipt in each Province of a copy thereof by the proper Officer.

These Regulations shall come into force, in relation to all Demesne Lands of the Crown in New Zealand which are not reserved to the Canterbury Association or Otago Association, in the several provinces, Fifteen Days after the receipt of a copy hereof in each Province by the Surveyor-General, Commissioner of Crown Lands, or Resident Magistrate; who shall by public notice make known to the inhabitants of the Province the day upon which he may receive such copy.
32. This Proclamation shall take effect from the day of the

Proclamation to take effect from date.

date hereof.

Given under my hand, and issued under the Public Seal of the Islands of New Zealand, at Government (l.s.)House, at Wellington, in the Province of Wellington, in the Islands aforesaid, this fourth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three.

G. Grey,


By His Excellency's Command,

Alfred Domett,

Civil Secretary.

God Save the Queen!