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The New Zealand Constitution Act [1852]: together with correspondence between the Secretary of State for the colonies and the Governor-in-Chief of New Zealand in explanation thereof



Preamble-3 & 4 Vict., c. 62; 9&10 Vict., c. 103; 11 &12 Vict., c. 5.
1.Repeal of recited Acts, &c. Provisoes.
2.Certain Provinces established in New Zealand,
3.Each Province to have a Superintendent and Provincial Council.
4.Before Elections of Members of Provincial Councils Superintendents of Provinces to be chosen.
5.Governor may appoint Electoral Districts, &c.
6.Qualification of Members.
7.Qualification of Voters.
8.Aliens and persons convicted of certain offences disqualified.
9.Members may resign their seats.
10.In certain cases seats to become void.
11.Determination of questions as to vacancies.
12.Issue of Writs for supplying vacancies.
13.Duration of Provincial Council. Dissolution.
14.When Writs are to issue.
15.Convening of Council.
17.A Session to be held every year.
18.Superintendent and Provincial Council may make laws.
19.Restrictions on Powers of Legislation.
20.As to Election of Speaker.
21.Speaker to preside.
23.Questions to be determined by majority of votes.
24.Standing orders to be adopted.
25.Appropriation and issue of Money.
26.Superintendent may transmit drafts of Laws for consideration of Council.
27.Giving or withholding assent to Bills.
28.Superintendent to send copies of bills assented to to Governor.
29.Disallowance of bills assented to.
30.No bill to have any force until assented to by Governor.
31.Governor may transmit instructions to Superintendent as to reserving bills.
32.Establishment of a General Assembly.
33.Appointment of Members of the Legislative Council.
34.Legislative Councillors may hold seats for life.page 4
35.Resignation of Seat in Council.
36.Causes by which seat may be vacated.
37.Trial of question whether seats are vacated.
38.Appointment of Speaker of Legislative Council.
39.Quorum, &c.
40.Power to summon a House of Representatives by proclamation in Her Majesty's name.
41.Power to Governor by proclamation to constitute Electoral Districts, &c., for election of Members of House of Representatives.
42.Qualification of Voters for Members of House of Representatives.
43.First Writs to be issued within six months.
44.Time and place of holding the General Assembly. Prorogation and dissolution.
45.Disputed Elections.
46.No member to sit or vote until he has taken the oath of allegiance.
47.Affirmation or declaration instead of oath.
48.Speaker to be elected on first meeting of House of Representatives.
49.Resignation of Seats.
50.Vacating of seats in certain cases.
51.Election to take place on vacancies.
52.Standing Rules and orders to be made.
53.Power of General Assembly to make laws.
54.As to the appropriation and issue of Money.
55.Governor may transmit drafts of laws to either House.
56.Governor may assent to, refuse assent, or reserve bills.
57.Governor to conform to Instructions transmitted by her Majesty.
58.As to disallowance by Her Majesty of Bills assented to by the Governor.
59.No reserved Bill to have any force until assented to by her Majesty.
60.Acts to be printed.
61.Duties not to be levied on supplies for Troops, nor any dues, &c., inconsistent with treaties.
62.Expenses of collection of Revenue.
63.Audit of Accounts.
64.Grants for Civil and Judicial Services.
65.How the appropriation of sums granted may be varied.
66.Appropriation of Revenue.
67.Power to General Assembly to alter Electoral Districts, and number of Members of House of Representatives, &c.
68.Power to General Assembly to make other alterations in the constitution of the House of Representatives.
69.Power to General Assembly to constitute Provinces, and alter the Provisions concerning election of members, &c.
70.Her Majesty may establish Municipal Corporations.
71.Her Majesty may cause Laws of Aboriginal Native Inhabitants to be maintained.
72.Power to General Assembly to regulate Sales of Waste Lands.
73.Saving as to the lands of Aboriginal Native Tribes.
74.10 & 11 Vict., c. 112. Upon all Sales of Waste Lands, one fourth part of the sum to be paid to New Zealand Company till the debt is discharged. Power to New Zealand Company to release lands from payments, &c.
75.Saving as to Canterbury Settlement Lands. 13 & 14 Vict., c. 70, and 14 & 15 Vict., c. 84.page 5
76.Power to Canterbury Association to transfer their powers to the Provincial Council.
77.Saving as to Nelson Trust Fund. 14 & 15 Vict., c. 86.
78.Power to her Majesty to regulate the disposal of Waste Lands in Otago. No Act of the General Assembly to interfere with such regulations, save with consent, &c.
79.Her Majesty may delegate certain powers to Governor.
80.Interpretation of "Governor," and "New Zealand."
81.Commencement of this Act.
82.Proclamations to be published in the New Zealand Gazette, Schedule.