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Acts Affecting Native Lands, Etc. (In English and Maori), Passed by the General Assembly, Session 1908.

1908, No. 218. — An Act, to repeal Section Thirty-two of the Maori Land Claims Adjustment and Laws Amendment Act, 1906

1908, No. 218.
An Act, to repeal Section Thirty-two of the Maori Land Claims Title. Adjustment and Laws Amendment Act, 1906.

[15th September, 1908.

Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1. This Act, may be cited as the Taupe No. 2 Block Act, 1908. Short Title.
2. Section thirty-two of the Maori Land Claims Adjustment Repeal. and Laws Amendment Act, 1906, is hereby repealed as from the passing thereof, and shall for all purposes be deemed never to have been in force.
3. Sections five to ten of the Native Reserves Act, Amendment Revival of certain repealed seotions. Act, 1896, which were repealed by section thirty-two of the Act, mentioned in the last preceding section, are hereby revived as from the passing of the last-mentioned Act, and shall be deemed to have remained continuously in force.
4. After the passing of this Act, no further steps shall be Withdrawal of compensation claims. taken by the Crown or any other person in the matter of any application, appeal, or other proceedings now pending in any Court in respect of compensation claimed or payable for the land referred to in the said section thirty-two of the Maori Land Claims Adjustment and Laws Amendment Act, 1906, and any such claim shall be deemed to be withdrawn.
5. The Minister of Finance shall pay to the Public Trustee out of the Consolidated Fund, without further appropriation than this Act,—
(a.) The sum of two hundred pounds in satisfaction of all rents Payments in respect of rents and costs and profits which might have been received by the Public Trustee from the said land had the said section page 2thirty-two not been passed, which sum shall be held by the Public Trustee on the same trusts as if it were rent becoming due in respect of the said land on the passing of this Act; and
(b.) The amount of all legal costs incurred by the Public Trustee in respect of any proceedings taken before the passing of this Act, in respect of the compensation before mentioned, the said costs being first duly taxed.
6.Act not to invalidate former proceedings or to confer any rights of action. Nothing in this Act, shall be so construed as to make unlawful anything heretofore done or omitted in pursuance of the said section thirty-two, or to confer upon any person any right of action against the Public Trustee or against any other person in respect of anything so done or omitted.

Wellington: Printed under authority of the New Zealand Government, by John Mackay, Government Printer.—1908.