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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 15, Issue 2 (May 1, 1940.)

Some Useful Suggestions

Some Useful Suggestions.

For some years the Home railways have given every encouragement to their staffs to put forward suggestions for more efficient and economical working. War-time conditions apparently have actually given a stimulus to these suggested schemes, and many excellent ideas put forward by employees to-day are proving most helpful. One suggestion advanced by an L. M. & S. man recently was for the damming of a brook which runs through a railway works, in order to provide an auxiliary water supply of approximately 180,000 gallons for A.R.P. purposes. Another worth-while suggestion was for using white rags, instead of sponge-cloths, for the cleaning of carriage brasswork; and a third idea was for the recovery of sponge-cloths and tying them together to make mops. Numerous ideas have been thought out and adopted for saving the use of goods wagons, which are in great demand for war-time service. One L. M. & S. employee put forward in this connection a detailed proposal for the erection of an incinerator, to avoid wagons being kept regularly on hand for the loading of refuse. Many suggestions advanced in respect of some minor aspect of local working are ultimately found to be worth applying to the whole system. Every suggestion made by L. M. & S. men,
“Boys of the Old Brigade,” on the L.M. and S. Railway.

“Boys of the Old Brigade,” on the L.M. and S. Railway.

whether practicable or otherwise, is acknowledged by a letter of thanks, and where suggestions are adopted leading to greater economy or efficiency, or both, monetary awards are made.