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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 15, Issue 2 (May 1, 1940.)

An Interesting Railway Wagon

An Interesting Railway Wagon.

Out-of-gauge and exceptional loads continue to be conveyed in large numbers over the Home lines. Recently, there has come to light interesting facts concerning a “veteran” special wagon owned by the L. M. & S. Company, which—for the third time since it was constructed at Derby 56 years ago—is helping the Home Front in war. Specially designed for the movement of armour plates, marine boilers, anchors, transformers and turbine castings, this 40-tons trolley wagon was so sturdily constructed, and has been so effectively maintained and modernised from time to time, that, although built in 1884, it is still carrying big loads just as effectively page 22 page 23 as its modern sisters. Lms. “Btz” Trolley No. 10018—to give the truck its official title—had the distinction of transporting parts and machinery for Britain's first large battleship, H.M.S. Dreadnought. It carried naval machinery and munitions during the South African War and the 1914–1918 struggle: in recent years it has been carrying big electrical equipment for the nation-wide “Grid,” and is now doing its bit for the third time in war. Btz 10018 is, indeed, an “exceptional” wagon in every sense of the word. Some 37 1/2 feet in length, it runs on eight wheels, and weighs 25 1/2 tons without a load.