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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 15, Issue 2 (May 1, 1940.)

Health Notes. — Winter Ailments

Health Notes.
Winter Ailments.

Now is the time to build up our lines of defence against the invading army of cold germs. We can fall an easy prey to this enemy if we do not put up a good fight.

The lines of defence are through the skin, the circulation of the blood, the breathing system and diet.

The Skin: The skin is one of the chief excretory organs of the body. It is essential that the pores of the skin be kept clear, so that it can perform its work of helping to eliminate poisons from the system. A good way of cultivating a quick reaction is to subject the skin to showers of alternately hot and cold water. After every hot bath have a cold shower or sponge down.

Always choose a good pure soap for all washing purposes, as inferior makes are apt to clog.

Circulation: Circulation of the blood is an important line of defence. Take as much exercise as you can in order to help the blood keep moving throughout the body. Give special attention to wrists, ankles and any other parts where you feel the blood is not circulating as fully as it might.

Breathing: Deep breathing has a tonic effect on the whole system. It keeps the air passages free from germs, provides more oxygen for the energy of our bodies, and is another way of getting rid of impurities.

Diet: Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and not too much starch. Drink as much water as you can, as this is beneficial.

If, however, there are gaps in our lines of defence, and we become the victims of illness through our carelessness, it would be wise to stay in bed for a day or so and “sweat it out.”