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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 15, Issue 2 (May 1, 1940.)

Autumn Floral Decoration

Autumn Floral Decoration.

If you want to save the glowing colours of autumn to brighten grey winter days, take thought now. Gather sprays of autumn leaves when they are just turning colour and preserve them, either by lacquering (a messy and painstaking business, easiest done when the spray is stuck firmly in a narrow bottle neck) or by placing flat between layers of newspaper under the spare room carpet for a period.

Nasturtlums and chrysanthemums are a boon in early winter. Let them gleam in a sunny corner or against dark wood. Remember to place chrysanthemums in opaque jars, as the ugly stems show through glass. When chrysanthemums begin to brown, tear off the outer petals, and float the heads in a bowl.

Try the use of wire when you wish to produce an effective bowl of flowers. Nasturtiums will twine up a curve of wire in natural and artistic fashion. Brambles can be made to arch over a flat bowl wherein berries and leaves are colourfully arranged.

Be imaginative with flowers. To gain new ideas, study the flower pieces of artists. You may not be able to buy the painting, but you can achieve something like it with spoils from the garden and countryside.