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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 15, Issue 2 (May 1, 1940.)

Message from the…. — Hon. Minister of Railways

page 8

Message from the….
Hon. Minister of Railways

I Have received a letter from the Hon. P. Fraser, Prime Minister, which reads as follows:—

“Now that the last rites have been performed in connection with the death of the late Prime Minister, I desire to convey to you, and through you to the officers of your Department, who were responsible for the arrangements for the special train which conveyed the mortuary van from Wellington to Auckland, an expression of my very high personal appreciation, and that of the Government, of the most efficient and satisfactory manner in which every detail was attended to and carried out.

“I particularly desire that special thanks should be conveyed to the General Manager, Mr. E. Casey, who personally accompanied the train and devoted his full attention to every detail of the journey. To his ability, care and tact must go the credit of carrying through a very difficult and arduous task to a completely successful conclusion. In this the assistance and co-operation of Mr. J. A. Mitchell of your personal staff were invaluable, and other officers of your staff and of the Railways Department also rendered useful service.

“Further, one cannot overlook the splendid work of the Stationmasters and their staffs at the various stations where the train stopped. The facilities provided for the people to pay their last tribute to the late Mr. Savage showed that these officers regarded their work as more than a matter of duty, and I would like them to know that what they did was greatly appreciated by myself and the Government.

“Mr. Casey and all other officers, including the train staff, who so ably assisted him, are to be most cordially congratulated upon the very successful results of their efforts, and also on the splendid manner in which they responded to every call on their time and services.”

I desire to associate myself personally with the message received from the Prime Minister, and to convey my sincere and grateful thanks to all members concerned for their final tribute to our late friend and leader.

Minister of Railways.