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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 15, Issue 2 (May 1, 1940.)

Girth and Worth

Girth and Worth.

And yet the past contains many examples of men who were trenchant yet lovers of the trencher; who combined expansive eating with expansive thinking. What about Doctor Johnson and G. K. Chesterton? Here were men whose girth and worth were of equal proportions. Both spent much time with their knees under a table, and yet both gave as much food for thought as thought for food. Eating is often a matter of opportunity, but it is the kind of opportunity that can be made to knock not once, but whenever courage and digestive determination command.

Before thinking became so high and living so low, life was practically devoted to rounding off square meals. Feudal barons spent the greater part of their time with their faces in the nose-bag. Kings also made a good deal of history with a knife and fork.