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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 15, Issue 1 (April 1, 1940)

Health Notes

page 59

Health Notes.

Relaxation and Sleep.

The ability to relax when off duty is one of the most valuable gifts one can have in these troubled times. Rest, apart from sleep, counts for much, provided the individual lies in bed relaxed and calm, and is not disturbed by unrest of body and soul. We therefore need not be unduly worried if we have a few wakeful hours during the night, so long as we do not banish sleep altogether in our feverish anxiety about our inability to sleep.

Indigestion, poor circulation, etc., tend to cause sleeplessness. Tea and coffee, especially coffee, taken at supper may in certain persons prevent sleep, while others can take these beverages at any hour of the evening and fall asleep without difficulty. Poor circulation is a physical condition which may be overcome by diet and exercise.

Healthy Childhood.

Most parents are ready to recognise and act upon symptoms of ill-health in children. But it is more timely to lay emphasis upon the signs of health in childhood, rather than to wait for the child to have a temperature or the eyes darkened by shadows underneath.

Good posture, for instance, plays a very important part in the child's welfare, as it is not only an indication of health, but it is a certain basis for continued health. Any slovenly or slouchy posture with the weight of the body thrown to one side is the forerunner of ill-health.

The tongue is a sure sign of digestive health, and in good health is clean without spots or coating. The eyes are clear, bright and alert, and the inner membrane lining the eyelids is deep pink in colour.

The muscles of a healthy child are rounded and firm, giving a sense of strength, rather than any softness or flabbiness.

A healthy child, although perpetually on the go during the day time, enjoys sound sleep at night.

A healthy child is usually happy, and free from nervous jerky movements.