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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 15, Issue 1 (April 1, 1940)

Cover the Hair

Cover the Hair

After showing almost all our coiffure during the summer, we are not surprised to find some winter fashions electing to cover the hair. Of such are the snood and the hood, and the many types of hat with back drapery.

Snoods may be of any material, but the most popular overseas are those of crocheted net. Snoods may be drawn up under the back hair by an elastic, or they may be draped round the head and tied with ends falling at the back in school-girl fashion. Some hats have snoods fastened over the narrow hat brim at the back.

For evening wear, snoods are made of gold or silver thread ornamented with sequins.

* * *

Hoods are a delightful fashion for colder climates. They may be attached to long coats, short coats, evening coats, day frocks, ski suits. They may be detachable (by buttons or zipper). They will almost certainly roll back to form a flatteringly soft collar. They may be lined with a glowing velvet to accent a sombre wool frock, or with fur to give richness to a tweed coat.

But they refuse to flatter any but a young-looking face. You may be thirty-five or forty, but if your face is soft and rounded a hood may be for you. Try one and see.

* * *

As for back draperies to hats, have something hanging over your back hair if you wish to be fashion-wise. Straight ribbon tails will do. Or buy, if you will, a length of wide, very stiff ribbon; fold it in half, and gather into the shape of a pouched bag; attach the gathered end by an ornamental clip to the back of your tiny tipped-forward chapeau—and there is Paris or New York chic!

A flat little Breton sailor has two felt pig-tails behind the ears. A more girlish hat has a flat ribbon bow drooping over the down-turned medium-width back brim.

With a tiny hat, perched forward on the head, wear a veil draped over the hair and sometimes round the chin.

* * *

Toppers are more like opera hats in every stage of “concertina.” They may be merely flattened, or squashed forward, or waisted, or tucked back and front to give a forward impulse. However they're treated, they're definitely 1940—and an exception to the “cover the hair” rule. When one comes to think of it, there are always many exceptions to any fashion rule—thank goodness!