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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 15, Issue 1 (April 1, 1940)

Railway Progress In New Zealand — General Manager's Message — Co-Operation

page 8

Railway Progress In New Zealand
General Manager's Message

During the past month there have been several developments indicating the further spread of a spirit of co-operation in the transport industry. Within the service we were faced with a major problem when exceptional rainfall caused slips and flooding on some of our principal lines in both the North and South Islands at a time of maximum passenger and goods traffic. All members of the staff in the affected areas worked strenuously and cheerfully in a spirit of true co-operation to repair the damaged track and to restore normal working of trains, and they did their best to minimise the inevitable inconvenience and discomfort caused to our passengers on such occasions. A party of the Hauraki Regiment of territorials who were held up at Taumarunui did yeoman service in assisting to clear the line, and their help was gratefully appreciated by all ranks in the service. The Department appreciates the effective co-operation of all concerned on this occasion, also the good spirit in which travellers accepted the conditions imposed by the unavoidable delay.

I found the same co-operative attitude amongst members of the New Zealand Carriers Federation whom I met at their recent annual conference. In the capacity of an executive entrusted with carrying out the Government's policy as laid down by the Hon. D. G. Sullivan, Minister of Railways, I was able to assure them that the Department was with them 100 per cent, in any plans evolved to further rationalise transport, conserve supplies and avoid waste.

Another evidence of co-operation is seen in the Group Travel Association formed recently in the South Island by travel and accommodation interests to avoid overlapping of effort, and to secure the best conditions and lowest feasible rates for those parties travelling for physical welfare, educational and recreational purposes. With this movement the Department is now officially associated.

Most important of all is co-operation, between every section of the transport industry, in the country's war effort, to ensure the maximum of efficiency in meeting every transportation requirement. To this end the principal efforts of the Railways are now directed.

General Manager.