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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 15, Issue 1 (April 1, 1940)

German Railway Difficulties

German Railway Difficulties.

In these Letters we have always taken extreme care that all our news should be true and authentic, and when speaking of conditions in Germany particular watchfulness is called for, in view of the great distortion of official news emanating from Berlin. There have been many reports of the unsatisfactory state of affairs, from the enemy viewpoint, on the railways of that country, mostly from neutral observers. Carefully sifting these, there is undoubtedly point for the belief that the German railways are by no means coming up to the expectations of the Nazi war-makers in their day-to-day efforts. Although the German army mobilisation was completed long before the outbreak of war, the railways controlled from Berlin have found themselves unable to cope with civilian traffic over many routes. During the past winter, coal and other vital supplies have suffered great delays, while the long series of serious railway disasters on the German lines tells its own tale. Now there is proposed a four-year plan for the complete reorganisation of the German railways. A strange time is this to set about a job of that sort!