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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 7 (October 2, 1939)

A Sleepless Night

A Sleepless Night.

The night was dark and loud the wild wind roared
Along the desolate and lonely shore;
It lashed the rain against the rattling panes,
And shook the trembling door.
I was alone—yet ever on the gale
I heard the fitful crying of a child…
I looked—although I knew no child was there—-
The night was dark and wild.
Perhaps ‘twas raindrops beating on the glass …
A storm-tossed sea-bird, wearying in its flight….
It seemed like trembling fingers, seeking there
A shelter from the night.
And then the latch was lifted stealthily….
I heard a light step on the winding stair…
I crept out, wondering who the child might be—
But there was no one there.
Yet still I heard a fumbling at the latch—
A weary voice amid the tumult weep—
And still the rain fell and the tempest roared …
All night I could not sleep.