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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 7 (October 2, 1939)

Beauty's Faces

Beauty's Faces.

Sometimes beauty is a vain boast as in golf and other activities of mischance. But, on the whole, the life of civilised man, whether he admits it or not, is a non-stop quest for beauty. Whichever way you look at it, Beauty is the goal at which he kicks the ball of effort.

He pulls up his socks and makes money to secure security, dispel anxiety, and achieve ultimate leisure. Each of these aims is an alias of Beauty.

The essential juices of Beauty are harmony and rhythm; and if the aim of human progress is not the capture of these elusive essences we will go “he”—in fact, he-he! But Beauty is a modest lady. She does not lay on the decoy paint. Her lips are her own and her hair is as innocent of waves as the village duck pond. She can easily slip by you unless you are on the look-out for her. It's up to you. She will not make herself known.

All you need to “mind” beauty is a mind of beauty.