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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 7 (October 2, 1939)

Health Notes

Health Notes.

The Skin.

Notwithstanding the pains taken to improve its appearance, the skin is one of the most neglected organs, especially the exposed portions of it.

The skin not only affords the body mechanical protection and service as a heat regulator, but it is one of the most important means of defence against germs and germ poisons.

A skin which has daily contact with cold air or cold water, and is well page 59 groomed, is a wonderful protector. Such a skin will serve one well in case of an attack of an infectious disease.

Frequent bathing, therefore, is of supreme importance from a health standpoint and every child, when very young, should be accustomed to the bathing habit.

Balanced Diet.

As the body needs six simple kinds of material, great care should be taken to ensure that meals are properly balanced with proteins, carbohydrates, fats, mineral salts, vitamins and roughage.

Proteins supply the body with nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus which, with hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, form the chief elements which comprise the vital structures of the body. Carbohydrates provide the energy for daily action and a deficiency of carbohydrates will soon produce acidosis. Fats are a wholesome and useful constituent of the diet.

Mineral salts are included in the material required—obtainable from milk, whole cereals, vegetables and fruits.

Vitamins.—We have heard in recent times much about vitamins—A, B, C, etc., and are aware of the part they play in the drama of life.

Roughage.—This is also an important constituent. It gives bulk to what might otherwise be an over-refined diet.

Unless the body has a sufficient supply of the above foods, we are undermining our health.

The maintenance of health is vitally important alike to the nation and to the individual.


Boredom brings on neurosis, and there is usually nothing wrong with a person who has a tendency in this direction. “Snap out of it,” enjoy life and not succumb to imaginary ills, is good advice to a neurotic person.