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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 4 (July 1, 1939)

“Ah Now, Listen to Me Mollie!”

“Ah Now, Listen to Me Mollie!”

There's a moon abroad this evening that would witch away your soul,
Take a dander down the roadway, hear the Tasman breakers roll;
‘Neath the snow-clad Alpine splendour we'll be talking as we go
Of the folk at home in Ireland that we knew long years ago.
And to-night in peaceful moonlight all my thoughts are turned somehow
To the little whitewashed houses on the shore at Corriemough.
Where they answer “Save you kindly” to your breathed “God save all here,”
And the bare-foot, wide-eyed children watch the foreshore far and near.
While the green of Irish pasture, smooth and bright as ordered lawn,
Merges into purple shadow lying round the hills of Mourne.
Ah now, listen to me Mollie! Share a strolling singer's fire
And we'll wend our way together to the lovely land of Ire.
There's potatoes on the moorland and there's fish from out the sea
And a deep-thatched shining cottage as a home for you and me.
In the evening we will listen to the lapping of the tide
With the wavelets’ gentle gurgle up against the lugger's side;
And quite likely we'll be longing for South Westland as we stray
In the misty Irish twilight—half a happy world away.

* * *