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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 3 (June 1, 1939)

The Driver's Fleeting Glance

The Driver's Fleeting Glance.

How much of the scenery does the car driver see? Unless a motoring holiday can be managed with the aid of someone to give relief at the wheel, my own experience is that the driver only gets an occasional side glance at the finest views unless he pulls up and blocks the traffic. In this frame of mind a motoring holiday in the South Island was planned, and the road time-tables consulted to see if it would be possible to cover an attractive route along which one could be comfortably driven with the other fellow in the driver's seat. Fortunately, the road services have now reached such a high point of efficiency that the ideal could be achieved, and a pleasant and varied tour of North Canterbury and the West Coast made possible with full enjoyment of the remarkable variety of scenery. The
(Photo. W. T. Hanna). Lewis Pass Road near Poplars.

(Photo. W. T. Hanna).
Lewis Pass Road near Poplars.

good effects of co-ordination of road services are now plainly evident in the easy connections between one service and another, and the greately improved standard of comfort on the vehicles, with efficient maintenance resulting in failures and delays being rare.