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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 3 (June 1, 1939)

Securing New Business

Securing New Business.

All the Home railways have wisely developed their “selling” side in recent years. There is now none of that short-sighed “take it or leave it” attitude in handling prospective patrons, courtesy being regarded as an essential to efficient service. On the Southern system great success has attended the running of a “Sales League,” which fosters the team spirit, and encourages one and all to secure new business for the line. Challenge shields and money awards are given annually for the best efforts of stations and individuals respectively, and a noteworthy feature of the campaign has been the interest it has aroused among the non-traffic grades. One naturally expects, say, a booking-clerk or a stationmaster, to seek additional business, but it is indeed encouraging to learn of extreme keenness to obtain traffic on the part of shop workers, signalmen, and other grades not in direct touch with the public. A passenger porter at one Southern suburban station last year succeeded in securing business to the value of over £200. A motor, driver at another station was responsible for securing pleasure party traffic to the value of £210. This is the sort of effort to be commended, and it is playing a big part in the restoration to the railways of their one-time prosperity.