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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 3 (June 1, 1939)

Prospects for Centennial Track and Field Meetings

Prospects for Centennial Track and Field Meetings.

Indications are that New Zealand will be extremely fortunate if it secures overseas athletes for Centennial track and field meetings. The Olympic Games, to be held at Helsinki, Finland, in 1940, means that most of the world stars will be concentrating on that great international gathering and will not jeopardise their chances by travelling to New Zealand. America, although it has hundreds of athletes right up to Olympic class, is jealous of its track and field reputation and looks with disfavour on sending any but the best on tour. For that reason it seems certain that no Americans will come. An English team is out of the question, a South African team would be welcomed, but the Olympic Games will be the mission there and too much travelling time is avoided in these days. So, no matter how sympathetic the other nations may be toward our application for tours, it seems certain that we will have to resign ourselves to an atheletic feast of “bread and cheese” instead of a “champagne supper.”