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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 3 (June 1, 1939)

Wrestlers on Tour

Wrestlers on Tour.

Next to the staff on the railways, few people in New Zealand travelled as many miles in 1938 as did Lofty Blomfield, New Zealand heavyweight wrestling champion. In the space of five months, and ignoring air travel, Blomfield covered approximately 17,000 miles by rail to honour wrestling engagements in New Zealand. The wrestlers are great users of the railways and know considerably more about New Zealand, its time-tables and geographical lay-out, than do most New Zealanders.

This season will be an exceptionally big one for the wrestlers and the arrival of Earl McCready this month will see the already keen interest further intensified. Later, Jim Londos, world champion, is expected. With his arrival New Zealand will have champions from Canada (Meehan), South Africa (Forster), Australia (Steele), New Zealand (Blomfield), the British Empire (McCready, page break
The road to the glaciers, South Westland.

The road to the glaciers, South Westland.

and the world champion (Londos) in action. Surely the greatest collection of wrestlers ever assembled in any one country?