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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 3 (June 1, 1939)

Chocolate Souffle

Chocolate Souffle.

First melt an oz. of butter in a saucepan, then stir in an oz. of flour and mix until smooth. Off the fire, add 3 ozs. of finely grated chocolate, then stir in a gill of milk, and make a very smooth mixture of it. Now put the pan on the fire and boil the mixture, stirring vigorously all the time, until it thickens and begins to leave the sides of the pan. At this stage take the pan from the fire and allow the mixture to cool slightly before adding the eggs.

Beat in the yolks, separately, then incorporate a tablespoon of castor sugar and a few drops of almond or vanilla essence. Next, whip the whites of four eggs to a stiff snow and fold them carefully into the mixture. Now turn the mixture into a well-buttered dish (it should be two-thirds full to allow for rising) and bake in a moderate oven for half an hour. Serve in the dish.