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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 3 (June 1, 1939)

Railway Progress in New Zealand — General Manager's Message — Attention to Details

page 8

Railway Progress in New Zealand
General Manager's Message
Attention to Details

Although interest in railway affairs usually centres in the major features of railway improvements directly affecting the public, such as those that add comfort, speed and frequency to the means of transport, and for which recent years have been notable, the average railwayman is more concerned with the details of his daily work. It is, however, upon the care and attention he gives to these details that the real benefit to the public of the improved services provided depends.

I believe that even within the limits of the work allocated to individual members of the staff, each man can make his own job interesting, ordinary or distasteful according to the attention he pays to matters of detail coming within the range of his duties.

As every administrator knows, only the broad lines of any job can be laid down in black and white; but within those lines there is scope for initiative, enthusiasm, common sense, and individuality; and it is the duty and responsibility of controlling officers to note and encourage the development and exercise of those qualities.

Such qualities, however, may be discounted if accuracy and attention to detail are not observed. The latter are essential for satisfactory teamwork, and, at a time when many changes are occurring in the general transport situation, they are particularly important in keeping the reputation of the Department for dependable service in good standing with the public.

Given the advantage of the qualities mentioned, the possibility of new ideas, of a broader outlook, and of other aids towards assured service will emerge; and, by all working together, the Railways can advance with confidence to new duties and opportunities as changing circumstances permit.

With the Centennial year upon us, I think the time is appropriate for once more drawing attention to the need for close attention in all branches of the service to accuracy and courtesy in handling the Department's business.

General Manager.