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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 3 (June 1, 1939)

Night Wings

Night Wings.

(Legend Tarawera, Rotorua).

On silent wings, above the forest's sheen
Where moonlight slants among the branches grey,
And eerily the night birds lonely keen
White gulls speed seawards o'er a ruffled bay.
The slight night whispers, in the heat browned grass
Whirlpools of dust, upon a windless road
And the still list'ning, where night creatures pass
Timorously fretful urged by hunger's goad.
Trees exotic tall in a stranger land
Flaunting their plumes where ti-tree scorns to grow
Wave upon wave, to Rainbow's coloured sand*
Guarding weak streams who murmur as they flow.
Across the moon's face silent wings beat on
The Arawa again seeks out the sea
He hears again Hawaiki's old love song
Strong pinions beating in sweet ecstasy.

* * *