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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 2 (May 1, 1939)

The Railways and the Road Carriers

The Railways and the Road Carriers.

New agreement, reached between the railways and the road carriers, promises well for both interests. The agreement is principally concerned with conveyance rates, and provides for the setting up of a joint central consultative committee of rail and road, to consider all matters common to the two industries, and to expedite rates agreements.

In addition to the central committee, there are to be area committees, and probably local committees, and certain route committees for long-distance transport, all of whom will tackle broadmindedly the problem of rates agreements applicable to both sides. These measures are of a voluntary nature, and as statutory enforcement is necessary to make any agreement of this kind a success, government approval is being sought through a Parliamentary Bill. If approved, this Bill will give the railways a substantial measure of freedom, and a new tribunal, covering both rail and road, will be established to replace the existing Railway Rates Tribunal. Its duties will be to review agreements as and when made, and also to hear objections from trade associations, traders and carriers, who feel aggrieved at any projected rate. It will also be
Goppenstein Station, southern entrance to Loetschberg Tunnel, Swiss Federal Railways.

Goppenstein Station, southern entrance to Loetschberg Tunnel, Swiss Federal Railways.

empowered with securing observance by the railways, enforcement on the road side being secured by means of the licensing machinery. At long last, it has been realised that uneconomic rate cutting as between rail and road is foolish in the extreme.