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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 2 (May 1, 1939)

Health Notes

Health [sic: Heath] Notes.

Commonsense Hints for the Care of the Eyes.

No doubt most of us are ready for a period of relaxation after a year of hard work. Physically and mentally we relax, but often overlook the fact that our eyes have been subjected to consistent work during the greater part of the year.

Even in the holidays the eyes work hard viewing bright lights, new scenes, the special strains of holiday sports and of summer reading—anywhere and anytime regardless of the light glancing down on the reading matter.

Give the eyes a rest while on holiday. Don't frequent the cinema at night after a day in the sunshine, and don't read except if absolutely necessary for more than an hour at a time. Be fair to the eyes by allowing them to benefit by the holiday.

Winter is really the best time to take stock of the eyes, as the greater strain of working, reading, writing and living under artificial light begins.

If you have to screw up your eyes to read a newspaper, if they smart after reading, or you wake up in the morning with bloodshot eyes, lose no time before expert advice is obtained.

However, we can help ourselves by giving our eyes a fair chance, an adequate amount of sleep and avoidance of strain. Simple and effective eyewashes are easily obtainable. Here are a few:—

1. Boracic lotion solution of a teaspoon of boracic to a tumbler of warm water.

2. Put your head into cold water, keeping the eyes open.

3. Wash the eyes with a cotton wool pad dipped into a little warm water.

4. The old-fashioned remedy of green tea-leaves for sore and aching eyes is excellent.

The best way, however, of bathing the eyes themselves is by the eye-cup, rolling the head in a circle so that every part of the eye is reached.

General Health.

The following are a few rules for maintenance of health:—

1. Avoidance of molly-coddling.

2. Restrained and reasonable consumption of starch.

3. Banish excess of comfort.

4. Don't overlook necessity for exercise.