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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 10 (January 2, 1939)

“The Railway Workshops Gym.”

“The Railway Workshops Gym.”

In the December issue of the “Railways Magazine,” I made brief reference to the activities of the Workshops Gymnasium at Moera (Wellington) and stated “… although I do not possess any official figures, I am confident in stating that representatives from this popular sports rendezvous have won considerably more matches than they have lost.” I have since received a copy of the annual report of this sporting club in which it is mentioned that the Club has been represented by more than two boxers at every professional contest fought in Wellington and the Hutt Valley and representatives have also travelled to tournaments held in Wairarapa, Dannevirke, Wanganui, Gisborne and in Christchurch. Representatives took part in 106 bouts, for 61 wins, 11 draws, and 34 losses. The record of the Hutt Workshops Gymnasium is unique in New Zealand and the illustration on this page will give some indication of the number of young New Zealanders who reap physical and mental benefit by participation in its activities.