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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 10 (January 2, 1939)

Wife Who Was Cross And Touchy — Not Fit to Live With — Put Herself Right with Kruschen

Wife Who Was Cross And Touchy
Not Fit to Live With
Put Herself Right with Kruschen

“I am 39 years of age,” a woman writes, “Yet some days I have been feeling and looking 100 years old. I would get fits of exhaustion for no good reason at all. I was not fit to live with because I would be so cross and touchy. I did not seem to have any ambition to do my housework or go out anywhere, and I was so tired all the time that I began to feel it was too much trouble to live.

“Two years ago I had sciatica all down my left side from the hip. My doctor says all this is caused through my nerves. I took Kruschen and found it helped me very much. Since I started taking it I am a different person. I am beginning to find life is worth living. My work seems a lot easier and I have a lot more energy.”—(Mrs.) G.M.

In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, the cause of ill-temper is ill-health. A soured mind has its source in a soured inside—the result of sluggish eliminating organs that allow waste matter to accumulate and poison the blood.

The “little daily dose” of Kruschen puts an end to all this because it restores the eliminating organs to proper activity by providing them with the daily reminder and daily aid that they require.

Cleansed and invigorated blood is sent circulating all over the system, carrying new vitality to every nerve and new vigour to every limb. You are healthier, you are happier. You begin to believe that everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

Kruschen Salts is obtainable at all Chemists and Stores at 2/3 per bottle.

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