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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 9 (December 1, 1938)

Celebrating a Golden Jubilee

Celebrating a Golden Jubilee.

In a previous letter, reference was made to the far-famed “Railway Race to Scotland” of exactly half a century ago. By way of celebrating the “Railway Race” golden jubilee, the King's Cross management hit upon the happy idea of operating a special excursion train, from London to Cambridge and back, the rolling-stock employed being an 1888-style “Flying Scotsman” set. The seven six-wheeled coaches, weighing 98 tons, and seating 170 passengers,
Kirkcaldy local train leaving Waverley Station, Edinburgh. L. & N.E.R.

Kirkcaldy local train leaving Waverley Station, Edinburgh. L. & N.E.R.

were hauled by the historic Stirling 8-ft. single locomotive No. 1, of the former Great Northern Company; while at King's Cross, the point of departure, there was given to the scene a picturesque background in the shape of a group of passengers attired in the costumes of half a century ago. Stirling locomotive No. 1, it may be recalled, was withdrawn from service in 1910, and since the Railway Centenary of 1925 has been on exhibition in the York Railway Museum. Built in 1870, the engine weighs 38 tons 9 cwt. The tender weighs 26 tons 10 cwt. The two outside cylinders are of 18 in. diameter by 28 in. stroke. Working pressure is 140 lb. per sq. in., and tractive effort 11,245 lb. So successful did the Cambridge excursion prove, that it has been followed by a tour of the L. & N.E. system, the 1888 train everywhere exciting the greatest interest.