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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 9 (December 1, 1938)

Lesser Known Valleys

Lesser Known Valleys.

The magnificent Mt. Cook area of the Southern Alps has, of course, claimed the chief attention of explorers. However, there are other valleys and peaks of the Alps which have a great appeal to the mountaineer, and about which much less is known to the general public. It is due largely to the efforts of the Canterbury Mountaineering Club and the New Zealand Alpine Club that these lesser known districts have been rediscovered and revealed. For example, the head-waters of the Canterbury rivers such as the Waimakariri, Rakaia, Rangitata and Godley, are fed from numerous glaciers and snowfields which, because of their difficulty of access and remoteness possess a particular fascination to the explorer mountaineer.

Those who have never seen the New Zealand mountains and these alpine valleys can have but an imperfect conception of their beauty and vastness. The photographer and the artist both play their part in depicting the beauty and grandeur of a mountain scene, but even the highest art must fail to portray this beauty and grandeur in its reality.