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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 9 (December 1, 1938)

Life's Balance

Life's Balance.

The pansies washed their faces in the softly falling rain,
And roses nodded grateful thanks against my window-pane.
'Twas but a passing shower, but it cooled the heated air,
Till perfume from the breath of flowers was wafted everywhere.
A busy spider in the hedge, stopped spinning cobweb lace
And hastened down a silken thread, to find a sheltered place.
A butterfly sought cover in a poppy's heart o’ flame,
And over all the raindrops danced—I wonder whence they came?
But soon they ceased to patter on the roof-top and the ground,
Till thrushes in my garden fluted joyfully with sound.
I watched the sun peep shyly forth, a warm breeze passed me by
And then I saw the fairies place—a rainbow in the sky.

* * *