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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 9 (December 1, 1938)



Tradition lay behind them,
Adventure lay ahead,
They followed old tradition
Out where adventure led.
Gaily those gallant dreamers
Sailed out into the blue,
In search of new horizons
And making dreams come true.
The stately old windjammers
Held southward for the line,
To winds of chance they trusted
Forebears of yours and mine.
O'er lonely seas they voyaged
To lonely lands they came,
And to a southern harbour
They gave a British name.
From bush-clad wildernesses
Founded a newer home,
And dainty fernleaf emblems
For those who ever roam.
They fought the stubborn Maori,
New lands were broke for corn,
And by their high endeavour
Then was Dominion born.
Strange marks upon a parchment,
Peace with the Maori folk,
The Maori as a brother
Within an Empire's cloak.
Still keeping old traditions
Our forebears turned a page,
And out of Isles of Romance
They built our heritage.
They bred the men called Anzacs,
Who journeyed with the light
To make historic landings
And keep this honour bright.
On us now falls the mantle
The trust of heritage,
To hold with grace and honour
Until we leave the stage.