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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 9 (December 1, 1938)

A Champion Weight-lifter

A Champion Weight-lifter.

In the preceding paragraphs I have devoted space to “Fitness Week.” I should have made it clear that “fitness” does not necessarily mean bulging muscles or thick necks. But there is one branch of physical activity making progress in New Zealand that develops big muscles—and fitness, too! I refer to weight-lifting, that oft-times abused “iron” sport. The National championships were held in Napier recently, and several Australian and New Zealand records were established. Although he did not establish any records at the championships, H. Cleghorn, of Auckland, has, this season, proved himself to be the second best weight-lifter in the British Empire. A recent total weight-lift for three movements, saw Cleghorn get within 30 lbs. of the 1932 Olympic winning weight. Cleghorn is ideally built, and steps are being taken to make provision for the inclusion of New Zealand weight-lifters in the page 78 Olympic team for 1940. Competent critics are of the opinion that Cleghorn, given competition against class men, will develop into world championship calibre.