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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 6 (September 1, 1938)



These lines were written following a visit to the Maori Pa at Whakare-warewa. In common with most places visited by tourists, it has suffered from the people who love to scribble their names. In places the carvings and scrolls are covered with them.

They came from Mudgee,
In New South Wales.
They braved the fiercest
Of Tasman gales.
They travelled fast,
And they travelled far
To write their names
In a Maori Pa.
They saw Pohutu,
The “Gates of Hell,”
The Buried Village,
The Lakes as well;
But the principal reason
They came so far
Was—To write their names
In a Maori Pa.
They passed the trenches
And palisade;
They crossed the marae
And reached the shade
Of the Wharenui,
Then passed from view—
And the scribbled names
Were increased by two.
Like a thousand others
Who venture forth
From the distant south
Or the sunny north,
They looked like men
Who would travel far—
To write their names
In a Maori Pa!

* * *