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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 5 (August 1, 1938)

Gathering at Khandallah

Gathering at Khandallah.

The gathering at the Khandallah Hall in the evening representing the three districts, served by the new electric service, was a memorable one. It was a combined celebration, Mr. H. L. Cummings, Chairman of the Ngaio Progressive Association, presided, and there were present the Minister of Railways (the Hon. D. G. Sullivan), Mr. G. H. Mackley, General Manager
(Rly. Publicity photo.) Interior view of one of the coaches on the multiple-unit train.

(Rly. Publicity photo.)
Interior view of one of the coaches on the multiple-unit train.

of the Railways, the Mayor of Wellington (Mr. T. C. A. Hislop), the members of Parliament for the districts concerned, and the Chairman of the two other progressive associations, as well as many of the older residents of the localities, including Mr. R. Aplin and Mrs. A. E. Gibson. Enthusiasm was general, and the extent of the representation of the three districts showed that the frequent communications now established will greatly facilitate the social life of what is now more or less of a united community.

After twenty years of representations for better access, they were in the same position in 1931, but a committee had been formed, and its co-ordinated efforts had been well sustained, said the Chairman. In 1932 the matter was presented to Mr. Mackley as a commercial one. He was sympathetic, and had since given great help. It was largely due to his recommendation that they had to-day's service. Thanks also were due to the local committee which had worked for seven years to achieve the desire of the districts, and he hoped the residents would support the service.

Speeches followed from the Minister of Railways, the Hon. D. G. Sullivan, Mr. Hislop, Mayor of Wellington, Mr. G. H. Mackley, General Manager of Railways, Mr. R. A. Wright, M.P., Mr. L. G. Lowry, M.P., Mr. W. H. Field, Mr. G. A. Lawrence, and Mr. M. S. Galloway.

Refreshments concluded an evening, which was brightened by an excellent programme of entertainment.?

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