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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 4 (July 1, 1938.)

Earth Lover

Earth Lover.

The dark trees tower above me With friendly boughs and still … . Lie quiet, my heart, in the shadow,
Quiet as the resting hill. Now, when the day is over,
Now, when the last sounds cease,
I would be one with the earth-world Whose greatest gift is peace.
Night has a shawl of silver,
Fine as the angels spin,
And feather-soft as a cirrus cloud,
To fold my slumbers in,
Moss that is warm as velvet,
Dreams that are new and deep,
And overhead in a turquoise sky A star to light my sleep.
Then tower dark trees above me,
Where life broods wing on wing … . I shall be one with your cradled calm As the slow hours swing.