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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 1 (April 1, 1938.)

It's Brains That Count

It's Brains That Count.

So he brings science to bear on the dishes. Instead of becoming an Olympic dish-cus thrower he applies the Law of Averages. He estimates that, by averaging ten dishes a day he can hang out until he receives the fateful wire from his wife saying, “Coming home. Love and dishes” (a pardonable mistake in transmission). By this time the kitchen sink looks like the Tower of Pisa viewed by a cross-eyed horse with second sight. But the man about the house is undish-mayed. He simply takes the whole issue out on the lawn and turns the hose on them.

And women say that men have no domestic brains! Why, we doubt if a woman would even think of such a thing.

And perhaps, while the little woman is away, he is moved by the milk of human kindness and unnatural energy to do the washing for her. Now you have only to read the adverts, to see what washing can do to a woman. One wash ages her twenty-five years and she is so bone-exhausted that she can't even drag herself down to the sales to spend her house-keeping allowance on hats. And if that's not proof—well, ask George!