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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 12 (March 1, 1938.)

Indian Hockey Tour

Indian Hockey Tour.

The best news hockey players in New Zealand could have received came to hand recently when it was announced that a team of Indian hockey players would tour New Zealand this season. With a team of English women players and the Indians both touring the Dominion in one season, the stick and ball game should be much before the public, and some of the ground which has been lost to basket-ball should be regained.

New Zealand has had visits from Indian hockey teams on two previous occasions, and the standard shown was an eye-opener on each occasion. The mastery of the stick over the ball was nothing short of remarkable, and it is interesting to note that, since the last visit, teams of Indians in Wellington have taken the game up with enthusiasm. Although the local Indians have not yet gined the mastery of the ball to the same extent as their brothers from India, they are certainly making progress, and it will not be long before some of them will be among those worthy of selection as New Zealand representatives.

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