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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 11 (February 1, 1938)

The Things I Love

The Things I Love.

All things on earth are dear to me, but I love best of all
The crooning of the evening breeze among the tree-tops tall—
The cool and shady woodland where the periwinkle grows,
And the beauty of a dewdrop as it glistens in a rose;
The rhythm of the poplars as they gently bend and sway,
And the wonder of the rainbow stretched across a sky of grey;
A pathway strewn with autumn leaves of red and golden brown,
And the fairy touch upon my cheek of flying thistle-down—
A host of pink-tipped daisies in a field of emerald green
And the soft caressing music of the little babbling stream—
A silver lining gleaming through a cloud of sombre hue,
And a shimmering path of moonlight dancing on a sea of blue;
The beauty of the first white rose as slowly it unfolds,
And a little garden pathway edged with brown-eyed marigolds;
The glory of the sunset at the closing of the day
And a silhouette of stately trees against a sky of grey—
I love all these the best of all, because they bring to me
A knowledge of the wondrous gifts that God has given free.

* * *