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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 11 (February 1, 1938)

Railway Progress in New Zealand. — General Manager's Message

page 8

Railway Progress in New Zealand.
General Manager's Message.

The latest traffic returns to hand show that the Railways have had an exceptionally busy Christmas and New Year period, and it is very pleasing to know that the business in every part of the Dominion was handled throughout the holiday season in a manner that, in the main, commended itself to our patrons.

Before Christmas I sent a personal message to all members of the operating staff asking for their co-operation in attending with care and personal interest to the requirements of travellers. In this respect, also, I am pleased to say that members of the staff as a whole have merited the frequently expressed appreciation of the services they have been able to render to the Department's customers.

I desire also in this message to express my personal sense of loss at the sudden and quite unexpected passing of our late Supervising Artist, Mr. Stanley Davis, an officer whose skilled artistry has been of very great value to the Department in the fifteen years he was with us.

Besides the varied and attractive commercial work he planned and supervised, he will always be remembered for the delightful work he did in decorating the Children's Playrooms and Nursery at Wellington Station, work which will continue to thrill with delight not only the children but also the parents and guardians who have occasion to make use of this modern aid in train travel.

General Manager.