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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 11 (February 1, 1938)

Why not a Jubilee Sports Meeting?

Why not a Jubilee Sports Meeting?

Fifty years ago the New Zealand Amateur Athletic Association came into existence and this season it is celebrating its Jubilee in a manner hardly befitting such an important occasion—it just carries on the good work, hardly noticing the important milestone it is passing.

It is this “just carrying on” spirit which annoys some enthusiasts, who would remould things nearer their heart's desire—overnight! Instead of rushing into things without first exploring the way, the N.Z.A.A.A., under the presidency of Mr. R. W. McVilly, formerly General Manager of the New Zealand Railways, adopts a cautious policy and over a period of fifty years the Association has not made many mistakes.

But, surely, a Jubilee year should have been deemed sufficiently important to have staged a special Jubilee meeting?