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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 11 (February 1, 1938)

For The Traveller. Simple Gadgets

For The Traveller. Simple Gadgets.

Coat-hangers are cumbersome, unless they be folding ones. The person impatient of coat-hangers has been known, particularly on a camping-holiday, to make do with a roll of newspaper, hung up from the middle by string. Why not make gadgets for holding the newspaper or rolled-up periodical? Crochet over a large bone ring; to it attach a loop made from four or five inches of wide garter elastic in attractive shades. Voila! Easier to pack than any folding coat-hanger.

I suppose you have seen the “bon voyage” coat-hanger with spring-clip clothes pegs hanging from loops of cord below it. This knick-knack is well worth presenting to the woman traveller who will be pleased to peg up stockings or undies to dry in cabin or hotel room. The clips are also very useful for hanging a skirt. Clip them to the waist-band, and there you are.