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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 11 (February 1, 1938)

Something About Shoes. — Timely Notes and Useful Hints

Something About Shoes.
Timely Notes and Useful Hints.

Shoe designers are almost ready to rank with hat and dress designers. The models pouring into (and out of) the shops to-day, show admirable line, decorative form and originality in the combination of materials. For the encouragement thus given to the shoe-designers and to the buying public, hats off to the shoe manufacturers.

The summer shoe of white buckskin is plaited, laced, punched, or cut-out. It may be trimmed with tan calf, blue calf, black patent or any other material the designer fancies as an overlay. One pair of white shoes had a coloured lining which curled over at the back like a cuff.

In style, you may have the court, the buckle-bar-court, the gusset-court, the oxfordette (a low-cut oxford, very comfortable for summer walking), the sandal with ankle-strap, the eyelet (two, four or six), the, broad centre-bar with side buckle fastening—and any other variations the designer may think of.

The Spanish heel retains its popularity (for appearance sake, of course), but more and more women are choosing the Cuban heel for street wear and the definitely low heel for more energetic moments.