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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 11 (February 1, 1938)

The Weintraubs. — Important Engagement by ZB Stations

The Weintraubs.
Important Engagement by ZB Stations.

An advance “trailer” showing the Weintraubs, a group of ultra modern instrumentalists was shown in Wellington last month. Those who saw and heard them agree that the company is one of the most important engagements, made by the National Commercial Broadcasting Service, for, in addition to their stage appearances they will be heard from the four commercial stations. The seven players are masters of forty-five instruments with which they juggle with cheerful abandon. They are certainly clever to a degree, and they can play.

The combination was formed some thirteen years ago in Berlin as a student band playing for their own amusement. From appearances with revues, they secured contract after contract, then came gramophone recordings, talking pictures, and broadcasting. Altogether they have travelled nearly 100,000 miles to play in four continents, 20 countries, 202 cities, 402 theatres, and have broadcast from 54 stations in thirteen countries.

The seven playing members include three Germans, one Englishman, one American, one Peruvian and one Pole, and all are students, including students of law, medicine and engineering.

The band features two entirely different types of entertainment. Their radio routines consist mainly of bright sketches plentifully interspersed with musical items. The Weintraubs who are now concluding a highly successful tour in Australia, are scheduled to arrive in New Zealand about February 1st.